Silver cross charcoal changing bag

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A silver cross charcoal changing bag is a universal solution and an essential attribute for young mothers who do not always have the time and the opportunity to do laundry. A special bag is made of quality material that does not let moisture and unpleasant odors out. Putting diapers in it, moms can postpone the washing process to a more convenient time. Handbag is easy to use and easy to wash in both the washing machine and hands. Versatility, variety of colors and a pleasant price make it an excellent purchase, both for yourself and as a gift. It is fastened with a soft plastic zipper.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE silver cross charcoal changing bag during walks, trips, trips, swimming trips, to the gym, to the kindergarten, to school, to the sports sections, etc .:

-for pure childrens and adult things
-for wet and dirty things
-for bathing accessories
-for reusable diapers (up to 6-7 sets) and training -panties (up to 11-13 pcs)
-for shoes
-for mobile phones and documents in field conditions, etc.
There are pens, buttons (easy to carry)

Material-waterproof polyester

Instructions for use silver cross charcoal changing bag: before using, handbag must be washed. Wash in a washing machine with a special powder for children at a temperature of 40o-60o C with an additional rinse function.
Do not use fabric softeners.
It is not advisable to dry on heaters, t. can break the inner protective layer and they lose their functional abilities.


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