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A one planet sleeping bag and why it is needed

A one planet sleeping bag is an essential equipment for every tourist or soldier. It will help restore strength after long sorties, get enough sleep before the next expedition day or just relax for a short period of time. Depending on the conditions of use, there are types of one planet sleeping bag. These conditions are different, as well as bags that correspond to each weather or climate situation. In summer, one model is used, and in winter it is different. Active tourists, traveling all year round, will benefit from both options. To maintain body heat and impart damping it is better to put a special mat under the bottom.

The hikers know that there are only two types of one planet sleeping bag in shape: a cocoon and a blanket. And all other species are only derivatives of these. There are 6 variations on the product market:

Cocoon. One of the primary types. According to the name, has a trapezoidal design, narrowed in the legs. There is a zipper and a special hood for the head. Its a pretty old version, but its still popular, mainly because it covers the body area and does not take up much space in the backpack.
Half-cocoon. Derivative of the first variant. It differs in lightning along the entire length of the body, up to the feet. You can use it as a blanket for one or even for two people. Tourist elements of such a plan are always very popular and popular.
A blanket. Has a rectangular shape. Reminds of the structure of the envelope. In comparison with the two previous species, this one has a solid weight and it does not have a hood. In some types there is a headrest that gathers around the head, imitating a hood. The advantage is that two one planet sleeping bags of this variety can be combined into one, using the method of fastening lightning. A characteristic feature is the presence of two lightning bolts.
Bivouac bag. Bivak – camp for spending the night or rest, being one of the stages of mountaineering, climbing, rally-marathons. Proceeding from this, the bivouack is simply a necessity. The sleeping place must correspond to the attendant factors of travel. Beavi – strongly differs from others by a bag, as, to a greater extent, it is a cover for the main element. Some protection, protecting the extreme from rainy and windy weather or terrible mountain cold. Most often it is made from membrane tissue.
Liner. A kind of insole for the bag. Performs the function of additional body warming. The main advantage in ease. Used as an independent sleeper can not.
Compression bag. Easy carry bag for sleeping bags. Advantage in compactness, large variations in size, convenience due to fasteners and straps. It will not be superfluous for the campaign.

From what produce

Its not a secret for anyone that the most important, as in any product, is the material from which the thing is made. There is an external, internal and a heater. This factor affects the cost, quality and ease of use. one planet sleeping bag are made from different materials. The basis is:
Goose down;
Thermal R.
The first option is the only natural insulation of all, because it consists of animal fur. It is the oldest method of warming anything, but also one of the most effective. Synthepone, hollofayer and thermolight are synthetically fillers. Synthepone is a high-quality nonwoven element of the traditional production method. It is made of polyester fibers. Fastening of fibers among themselves is carried out by a thermal method. Excellent value for money and quality. Hollofayber much like a sintepon. The difference is only in the ease and the best heat-insulating properties. Polyester has the best durability of all the above options. The latter option is an innovative method of insulation from Marmot.

Choosing the right one planet sleeping bag

How to choose products to solve each consumer independently. After all, they can be used in as many different situations as possible. Someone needs an army sleeping bag, someone needs a warm and compact winter. How to erase them – also depends on the model itself. Choose wisely, according to the situation and take into account feedback from consumers and professionals.


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