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A coloured paper bags with handles are a kind of packages that are made from different types of papers. Paper bags are laminated, crafted, VIP bags from designer cartons or papers. coloured paper bags with handles can be without printing, as well as with a logo print.

Printing of coloured paper bags with handles is done by offset and silk-screen printing, basically. Offset printing is used to make paper bags with a logo of large print runs, from 500 pieces or more. This is a full-color printing on sheets of paper, which are then cut and glued into bags. Silk-screen printing is used for printing on ready-made packages, the logo is printed in colors. Also, this type of printing makes packages of laminated and VIP packages.

Kraft packs come in various types: take-away packs, bags for bottles, eco-bags, sachets. Kraft is brown, white, and also moisture resistant of various densities. Such coloured paper bags with handles can be colored, for this the white craft is completely sealed and then the bags are cut and glued. Handles are twisted, flat and without handles. Without handles, the bags are called sachets and are excellent for both food products and small-size packaging. This is an economical version of the packages, printing is usually done on the preforms with silkscreen printing. Also, a waterproof kraft is used to make a number of packages to take out. The sizes of the packages are standard, there are many types, but it is also possible to make custom-made packages.

Laminated bags are more expensive type of paper bags. coloured paper bags with handles are laminated with glossy or matte lamination, it gives the packages strength and moisture resistance. Printing is done either by screen printing on ready-made packages, or packages are printed with offset printing and then assembled. Handles of such packages are laces or ribbons satin, satin and silk. This type of package is best suited for gift options, packaging for expensive goods or corporate packages.

VIP packages are the most expensive kind of paper bags. They are made either from coated papers using various printing technologies, or from design papers and cardboards. In addition to screen printing, they can be embossed with gold, silver or other color foil, as well as with convex, embossed, thermopod, lamination, selective or hybrid varnish and so on. This allows you to make an exclusive premium package. Such packages are not in ready form, each edition is made individually. The high price of manufacture makes them rare, but very presentable packages. Suitable for corporate gifts, awards, holidays.


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